Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Money You Don't Know You Are Owed

I've just discovered the world of unclaimed money. I wasn't on the list but I know people who were. I can't tell you how excited I am for them. You could be on it too!

All you do is look up the states you've lived in, unclaimed property division. Every state has one. They will have a place for you to type in your name for them to run through their system. Be sure to do all names you have been know as. Sometimes you may find a list of many with the same name as you. Don't be discouraged look for the address that you have resided at. It only takes minutes to do and they let you look up relatives. Even those that have past away. Worth taking a look considering heirs can claim money also. I'm so nosy I may just end up doing that tonight.

NAUPA- click on this link and it will get you to the state you need quickly. They also have a list of Other Sources that you may find money under. Which include pension, financial institutes, liquidated credit unions, HUD/FHA, Veterans, Holocaust and some international links as well.

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