Monday, January 13, 2014

Rewards Programs

I love getting rewarded for being loyal. However with many there are some major gimmicks to these programs. Constraints. When you are thinking about joining one look into what they want you to do to earn those points. Catch yourself before you spend more just to get those rewards.

  • Do you really like that brand?
  • What do they ask you to do to get the points? 
  • Is it worth the time involved?
  • How much do you usually spend there or on their products in a year?
  • What are the rewards? 
  • If the rewards are discounts are they discounts on things you would normally buy?
With these questions in mind ask yourself will these rewards help you or make you spend more?

BP Driver Rewards - You can pick up a Driver Rewards card at a BP gas station or get one sent to you online.Insert it at the pump every time you get fuel at BP. The first time it will offer you 10 cents off per gallon. From then after you have need to make two purchases of 20 gallons before it will give you 5 cents off per gallon on your next pump. The card also works for those buying diesel as well. That is a $1 off every 20 gallons you buy and if you are on the road a lot and have a large gas tank I can see this as adding up but I wouldn't go out of my way to go to a BP to use it. Just remember use it when you do stop at a BP.

Hallmark Card Rewards- With Hallmark Card Rewards for every 5 cards you buy and report with the UPC code you get rewarded. They have partnered with other stores so that you can get gift card, dollars off and discounts. When entering the codes you can do it online or with an App on your phone. I did look into the App on Google Play and it didn't get very good ratings. They may be working on this though.

Ace Rewards- Ace Hardware has a rewards program that you earn points for every dollar you spend. So it is 10 points for every $1 and you need 2500 points to get a $5 reward. They do give you a gift of 1000 points just for signing up. You can print out a card to use in stores. This may be a good option that does a lot of shopping at Ace. I know when it comes to hardware the spending adds up fast and so would the rewards.

Children's Place - My Place Rewards is the for every $1 you spend you earn 5 points. After you have earned 1000 points you get a $5 reward certificate. If you want to get more points per purchase they do encourage you to sign up for the Place card. If you know that you will be spending quite a bit at Childrens Place in a years time this would end up being a nice perk.

Staples Rewards- With Staple rewards you get a 5% back reward on all but purchases on postage, phone or gift cards, or savings passes.You also get free shipping on all purchases. They also offer Ink rewards of $2 back on ink cartridges and toners when you spend $30 on ink toners. They do have a limit of how many you can recycle a month. They have a few other conditions. Then they have another thing that I have to say I can appreciate. They have Reward A Classroom. This give you a chance to give a percent of what you spend to reward a teacher of your choice. Though your teacher has to be signed up and buying from Staples to access these rewards. A few ups and downs with this rewards program though I'm sure that for many this would be ideal.

Recycle Bank- This wont happen all at once and you wont get cash. You just go onto the site. Sign up and pick the way you want to earn rewards. It's all about learning how to recycle and has little quizzes and things to do to earn. I go to this one when I'm board to see if they have something new that I can do to earn. Then when you have enough points you can pick a reward to spend them on. At the moment it's mostly coupons but I have seen gift cards. Cross your fingers they bring back the gift cards.

Pampers Rewards- Enter codes from pampers products you buy and get points to use toward rewards. They make earning rewards even better. You can get a link to send to your friends to get rewards if they join.

Huggies Rewards- Honestly I like this one better than pampers because it's all in one site. Once again you get the code off of the Huggies product you buy and get points for it. They also have other ways to get points. You can read and comment on posts, do polls, share with friends by email and give reviews of products. All from one place. You can put these points toward rewards, donate them or even enter sweepstakes. They sometimes have coupons or promotions to offer.

One Hundred Free Books- Yes free books and points to get really great rewards. It does take a long time to get enough rewards. You get 100 points each day you visit the site and it takes thousands of points to earn the nice rewards they offer. If you are like me I don't even use this site for the rewards program because I'm already getting free e-books. The points are just a perk.

More Reward programs to come..

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