Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Office Part 2- Lighting

A week before our Christmas party. The house is still a mess waiting for this room to be ready. Can you say, scrambling? Because that is what we are doing this week.

Put in the insulation.  Dry wall up. Fix the problem with support under the windows.  I forgot to take pictures of this getting done but I did take pictures of the next steps we took.

Look paint! We did this Christmas Eve. I think this is a good Christmas gift. We used Easy Care Weather All Satin paint in the color Chain Link.

  Now for our lights.

I was attracted to this Westinghouse light from Menards. While there we walked down the ail of light bulbs. I had no idea what the difference in light bulbs were. Menards happened to have a huge display area showing what each type of light makes a room look. I liked what the daylight Ecobulb did so I picked up a few packs of them to use. Since we aren't lighting a large room I went with 40 watt bulbs. I really like the effect they have in our office.
Yes the ceiling need help. At one point the roof leaked above this room so it has some water damage that shows. Fortunately they did fix it early one and now it's just a matter of figuring out how we want to deal with it. Something for another time. Need to get this room functional.

Time to get ready for Christmas. Time to shove everything in this room so the kids have room to unwrap and play with gifts.

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