Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Office Part 3- Switch Plates and Desk

Seeing as how I hate the look of to plain Jane outlet and switch plates. While we were at Menards we looked into new. I can tell you now that I can't believe the prices for just one let alone getting six. But I think to myself it's not very often that I have the chance to make a room just what I want. I personally like the darker ones that would match the light fixture. Then however I'd need to also spend extra on black switches and outlets themselves. I thought it over and decided that in such a small room I wanted to go light. We ended up deciding that these white ones with a bit of wood coloring showing through would go best with his wood desk and the other white accents. Amerelle Decor brand Savanna Distressed white wood.

 Next my desk needed to be placed back into the room. Do you remember what the desk looked like that was placed under the window with the carpeted piece on it? We are putting the desk back. It is already cut to go behind the door without hindering it and has a really nice clean look to it. It helps that it is attached to the wall and only needed two extra leg supports. All it seemed to need was some shelving to get things organized so we bought theses to go on top. From Talons Real Collection a couple of white organizer shelving units.

As I looked at it however I wasn't happy with the wood look and I was wondering how it would take the abuse of my projects. It would need to be able to take spills, burns, scratches and who knows what else. I also thought it was a bit dark for what I wanted. I apologize for the mess. Another project.

Once again to the store. We debated over the paint section for ten minutes before my husband convinced me of what may just do the trick.

 Yes it says epoxy. It may be overkill but it is waterproof and good enough to seal up a basement. It should be able to protect the desk from me. So we got the Rust-oleum Epoxy Shield Basement and Masonry Waterproofing Coating Extra Strength white paint.

 Six coats later... Sanded smooth.. Everything put away... Finally.

My office area is complete.

Ok it needs trim and a few other minor things done but it is useable and ready for this lady to get down to business.

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