Sunday, January 26, 2014

Where Are My Gloves

> Not many people have a workable entry for winter extras. Hats, gloves, scarves, boots and snow pants. Well with three kids of school age and a husband that seems to collect work gloves, we were no exception.

This was my list to contend with.

  • I had to get these things off the floor
  • Somewhere that they could dry
  • Had to be accessible to different heights.
  • Couldn't take up any extra floor space.
  • Easy for the kids to maintain.
  • Find what we need quickly.
  • Cheap

We had a porch of sorts. It would be perfect now to come up with something that worked. I wouldn't have to be pretty to begin with. Just functional. I started thinking about things that we had on hand already.

Outside during the spring my husband had laid out some fencing against the shed. I'd tripped over a smaller extra piece a time or two. That is when it hit me what we could do.

I had my husband measure the wall beside the door but add a couple feet. Then cut that fencing to that length. At first he wasn't sure but I told him to bring it in and show him what I was thinking.

He brought it in we set it against the wall and I bowed it out every few feet away from the wall. So that wet things would not ruin the plywood walls. It's hard to see but the wire fencing had enough room between the wires to easily hang everything with clothes pins. It was also strong enough to hold wet items. We ran it all the way from the ceiling to the floor. Making sure to bow it away from the wall as much as we could without causing it to sag. It worked well for keeping everything and then in the spring kept our gardening gloves and hats as well. This is my quick fix for winter extras.

I think that in a finished entry this would be cute with rustic wood frame around it to give it a polished look. Maybe put some plexy glass, a patterned shower curtain or something behind it to give your wall a bit more protection from the things hanging on the fencing. It really could turn into something cute and functional with a little imagination.
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