Monday, February 17, 2014

Pregnant and Getting Ready for a Hospital Run

 ((I wrote this the day before I went into labor. Good news is that everyone is home and adjusting well to our baby boy.))

Getting the House Ready

Most people love this part.

-Baby Swing
-Some paint and decorate the baby room
-Wash the new bottles- found out in the hospital that they no longer suggest that you sterilize anything.
-Get a changing area ready or have everything accessible.
-Put things in order by size.
-Do some deep cleaning 

Packing for the Hospital I've done this five times now.

So get out the trusty overnight bag. And here is what to put in it.

-Medical Cards -If not your purse.
-Shampoo, Conditioner (travel sized)- hospitals may supply these but just in case.
-Deodorant (travel sized)
-Toothpaste (travel sized)
- About 3 outfits that are comfortable and you don't mind being seen in.
- Comfortable underwears
-Razer. I can see "me"  now. OMG!
-Camera- Extra batteries
-Cell Phone- Cell phone cord

Packing for Baby

-Baby's going home outfit
-Baby Blankets
-Car Seat, They wont let you take baby home without one.
- Baby Hat 
- Baby Snowsuit or other warm gear. If it's cold like it is now.

 What I don't pack and why.

Keep in mind everything that the hospital opens will be sent home with you because they can't pass it to anyone else. So..

-Pads, you will need them, the hospital will provide enough for you until your at home at least.
-Diapers, again the hospital will give you a package.
-Baby Wipes, they provide something to use.
-If you are not breast feeding, Formula, will be given to you and you will probably have enough to at least get you home if not a visit to a family member on the way home.
-Diaper Bag- most hospitals will give you an introductory bag from a formula company with all kinds of goodies.
-Baby Book- Another thing that some hospitals hand out. Besides filling out the baby book may take second place to actually cuddling your brand new baby.
-Baby Rash Ointment or Cream- another thing you may be given.
-Burp rags- they will have some to use while there, might pack one for the way home.
-Bottles- only pack if you are going to stop somewhere on your way home. The hospital usually supplies you with the ready made disposable bottles.

If your really nice.
-Pack extra clothes for the hubby or significant other
-Change for the candy or pop machines

Getting the other kids ready to run out the door. 

- Have the kids laundry done and put away.
-Make sure their homework is done right away when they get off the bus.
-Make sure that all their school bags and winter clothing are easy to locate.
-Have someone ready to watch the kids at a moments notice.
-For little ones make sure you have their diaper bag ready with overnight clothes,formula,diapers and wipes
-School aged children have everything set out that they will need to run out the door and that is it. - I figure that if it comes to it they can be late for school, while the person taking them for the time being, brings them home. Then they can get them dressed and ready for school. Then pack what they will need for overnight. (Trust me having every ones overnight bag ready and sitting by the door will only cause more confusion and chaos. Besides can you imagine having to load all those bags? I counted and it would be 9 or more bags.)
 -Try to have as little as possible planned during the 30 days surrounding your due date. It's harder for school aged children. So far I know that the week after there are teacher conferences. Some things can't be helped.

Dont forget the Pets-We only have a cat so it's basically making sure that someone comes to give her food and water until we are back. But just in case you have a different kind of pet.

-Make sure there is someone to take care of them. (Stop in to give them food or what ever they need, once to three times a day as needed)
-Make sure there is plenty of food, in an easy to find place.
-Make sure the environment is safe and clean. (In our case make sure that we keep the litter box as clean as we can, so she doesn't go on litter box strike while we are away. I'd hate to ask someone else to clean it.)

Empty House Care

-If your sitter isn't with your kids in the house. Don't tell anyone that it's empty.
-Have someone check on it while you are away.

Good luck mothers and fathers to be.

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