Monday, March 17, 2014

Planes for the Baby Room

It's been a month since we had our little bundle of joy. In which time I'd neglected this poor blog. Not to worry I didn't forget about it. So I've been busy working on finishing projects I'd started before delivery. Such as this oh so fun mobile.

Bi Planes and Clouds

What you will need

-box cutter
-tooth picks
-string  or clear fishing line
-hangers or dowls
-glue of your choice
-paint or colored paper or scrap book paper
-duct tape
First I cut out the shapes I needed to make the plane on graph paper. Take note that I also included the markings for the holes and slots to assemble the plane.

I drew around each part onto cardboard as many pieces as I was going to need for my planes.
And yes cut them out. These are the parts you will need. Make sure that you cut your slots out.
Since I was making so many I used graph paper to make a paper cover then outlined it onto the paper I selected.
Then use a cutting tool to the slits into the paper cover. I did this for all the parts.
The propeller after I was done covering it I cut a hole into it large enough to insert a half inch toothpick then glued it.
Next you assemble your wings and tail. Then do the same with the toothpicks for the wings. This is how it should look while you wait for the glue to dry.
To do the other side line up all your toothpicks and insert them into holes you made in the paper and glue.
Now decorate.
What I did for my sons planes.The one in the picture above is BA10Y-( B-first letter of first name, A-first letter of middle name, 10Y - 10 years-age)This plane stands for his big brother. Each plane stands for a sibling. The big kids picked the plane they wanted to have their initials on making them a part of the process.

Now this is were I showed my hick roots, I duct taped two hangers together.Then wrapped it sticky side out on the bottom parts of both. Put stuffing on to make the clouds.

To hang the planes I used elastic string so my planes have lots of bounce and movement when touched.  

Finished product

I'd like to post my cut outs for all to use but I haven't gotten that part figured out yet.
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