Sunday, April 20, 2014

Bathroom Mirror Fix for under $35

Something had to be done. The bathroom is all kinds of unsatisfactory for me. Where to start? How about that medicine cabinet?

 It kind of gives me the hebie jebies to use it at all. Let's take it down. I found a cheap mirror to put up instead at least until I can afford to get a nice one. So as usual my husband moaned a minute then got to it. He took it down, filled in the hole. Then to find out that my mirror wasn't going to cover the hole like I'd planned! What!!

My husband called me into the bathroom after he was finished hanging my mirror anyway. You could see the seam of the patch above the new mirror. I was bummed. My husband left me in the bathroom and came back a second later holding my black shelf that I hadn't decided what to do with yet. He held it above the mirror like a hat. It gave it a grand feel And I Was In LOVE! Absolutely great idea from my hubby.

He hung it over my mirror and now I feel inspired to make my bathroom into some grand retreat to match that feel. Here is a peek at my grand bathroom mirror that cost me probably $50 new, if you also count the supplies my husband used to fix the hole. Since the shelf and supplies were left over from another project they cost us nothing.

Then since that room could be a little dark in that corner I decided to also get these long LED lights that are for under cabinets.  They are battery operated since once again we are experiencing wiring issues. Shocker!

(Mirror $15) + (LED light about $8 x2)= Estimated $31.00

Then added a few accessories I had around the house. This is our only bathroom for all seven of us so for quick grab access you will see I have things we use out and ready. Looks great for so little.

 Next is the vanity. It looked bad before I started, now with my mirror upgrade it looks worse. No worries though. This lady has plans!

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