Monday, April 21, 2014

Bicycle Rim and Hog Ring Chandelier

Have you ever just wanted something different? Something that no one else has? That is absolutely just for you?

Well this is what my mom wanted for her dining room. She wanted a light fixture that was unique and a great center piece. Instead of buying one she decided to make one for herself. This way it would be one of a kind. And this is what she came up with...

I think it's absolutely fantastic and looks professionally made.


1-     20' Old Bicycle Rim
561- Hog Rings 
561 -3/4 inch Lock Washers

She started by wrapping the twine around the outside of the bicycle rim.

Then she made strands of the lock washers by connecting them with hog rings.

When she had the strands the length she wanted she hooked them to the rim edge.

 17 lock washers in a row
17 hog rings in a row
 33 rows in all

Sounds simple but it's very time consuming. But just look at the results!

Now I've got to tell you, this thing weighs a lot that's why it has four support chains. I figured it up the part my mom made was about 30 pounds. She spent around $130 to make it. This isn't including the wiring, bulbs, chains or hinges. It's just the gorgeous chandelier rim.

DIYer's this is a great project if you have the ceiling that will hold it. And it's totally adjustable to whatever size you would prefer. And remember it's ok to think outside the box. Amazing things can come from that kind of thinking.

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