Sunday, May 25, 2014

Bad Bathroom to Rad Bathroom with less then $100

We have been doing a lot of major transformations around the place. These transformations have taken it's toll on the budget. I however wont stop just because of a budget. Neither should you. First I worked on replacing the outdated mirror on my budget. You can see how in Bathroom Mirror Fix For Under $35.

Things to consider when changing the look of a room.

Accents- Sometimes if you just want to change the look of cupboards or vanities all you need to do is change the pulls or handles on them. Accents really are amazing that way.

Color- Yes, paint can change a room, changes the feel, can make it feel bigger or smaller and it can also make a room feel cleaner. Color fades, sometimes you can get away with just applying a coat of the same color to give the room life again. Now most of the time for smaller rooms you shouldn't go with dark colors however in the case of my bathroom it has some things working for it. High ceilings and white walls and light colored floors (which has got to be replaced ASAP). So I went for  black as it is my style at the moment. 

Now it was time to work on the vanity and cupboard. I didn't like the look of either. The vanity looked dirty and dated. The cupboard was a completely different color then the vanity and also dated. It was time to step it up. So what did it take?

Paint- Note that I chose a Kitchen and Bath paint. I got it on Sale SCORE!
fine sand paper
paint brushes
painters tape 
Some different drawer pulls also found on sale.

1. Light sanding
2. Paint your first coat.(If it's a light colored paint you my need to do a coat of primer so that the previous color doesn't show through)

I thought this look was great however it's lacking coverage and it needs to have longevity. So I did what everyone does.

3. I talked to friends.

So these were some idea given to me. I wanted to do them all. But as I've said earlier. Budget! So I had to skip doing a clear coat and No wax on and wax off this time.

4. Second coat of paint.

Before and After

Second part of my job was the cupboard which I did the same to. Excuse the mess in the first picture. It's the only before picture I could find.
Before and After
Paint             $22
Brushes          $5
Sand paper     $3
Painters Tape $3
Knobs          $10

Estimated total = $43 and I round up on everything so $45 
Grand total is $80 

If your like me your thinking you still have $20 to get a lovely Dollar General shower curtain and a rewarding Star Bucks drink. Now sit back and enjoy a lovely bathroom. Well in my case almost lovely I still have the floor to do. Still I'm a very very happy lady. 

Remember it's okay to take it a little at a time. 
Even small improvements
 can give your home new life and make you feel good.

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