Monday, May 5, 2014

Dirty Canasta Instructions

Object of the Game

Get get to 10,000 points.

What you will Need

When playing separately- one deck per person plus one more deck
When playing in pairs-  one deck per pair plus one more deck
Paper and a pencil to keep score on.
Makes for a Huge deck to shuffle.


Points For Meld
Negative to 0 points - need 15points
0 to 1495 points - need 50, no wilds to start
1500 to 2995 points - need 90
3000 to 3995 points - need 120
4500 to 5995points - need 150

 First Hand of your game you need 50 meld.

Cards Worth
4 - 8 =5 points
9 - K =10 points
Aces = 20 points
Deuces = 20 points- wild card
Jokers = 50 points- wild card
Red 3 = 100 points - you keep on your board for that game
Black 3 = -100 points- at the end of that Hand if you have them in your hand. You can only lay them down on your board if you have all of them and you are going out.

If the person cutting the deck gets the exact number of cards right they get a bonus of 100 points


Deal 15 cards to each player.

If you have a red three lay it down on the board and draw another card.

To lay anything else down on the board you need your meld. Which you lay down all at once on your turn when you are ready.
My Meld and red threes.

Flip the top card of your pile face up.This is the start of your discard pile

Now you can take the discard pile if you can pick it up with a pair and lay down with your meld or draw two.

Waiting to get your meld makes for a lot of cards.
Picking  Up the Discard pile- to pick up the card in the discard pile you have to have two other cards to play on the board with it. Lay down those and take the whole discard pile, not just the top card.

Burnt Pile - If a wild card is put in the discard pile at any time, turn it sideways so that everyone knows that it's burnt. To pick up the burnt discard pile you have to have a natural pair in your hand (no wilds).

When you are done with your turn you discard 1 card.

You can add cards during your turn to clean and dirty canastas but not to runs

To Win A Hand

To Go Out You Need at least

1 Clean Canasta (Seven  cards of one kind no wilds)= 500 points each
1 Dirty Canasta (Seven cards of one kind with up to two wilds)= 300 points each
1 Run Canasta(seven cards of one suit in order A-4)= 1500 points each
And you must be able to get rid of all your cards.
You get 200 points for going out.
She has her red threes, her run and two cleans and a dirty. She can go out anytime now.

Scoring Your Hand

Count your canasta points.
Count your red three points.
Count the points you have left in your hand. Take that many points off your board.
Count all the points from all the cards in your canastas and what is left on your board.

 That is your score for that Hand.

You play as many Hands as it takes to get to 10000 points.

Pairs Game

You sit across from your partner.
You play on the same board as your partner.
Only one person needs to make meld.
Dont communicate what you have planned or what you have in your hand with your partner.
The other rules and points are the same.

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