Thursday, June 19, 2014

Don't let Facebook Erase Your Business

Anyone that has a small business knows that they need to get exposure where they can. Facebook was a great way to do that. Now however a page reach is getting smaller and smaller. Getting the reach that you were looking for when you made the page has become seemingly nonexistent.Who went to all the work of posting ads everyday to keep people to find out that they couldn't even see you. And NOT by their choice! Who wants to work that hard and then have to pay Facebook? Yes, paying Facebook to advertise for you is an option. And they decide who you are advertised to. If you do, this it is fine. I however have been looking for other ways to do this.

Well it's time to find a way to get seen again. Here are things that can help.

  • Friends on Facebook 
 Ask All Your Friends to Like and COMMENT on your posts.

  • Networking Ladder pages and groups
What is a Like Ladder and What is Promote My Business all About.
“Like Ladder” is for Facebook Fans to Tag Their Page in comments , then the GOAL is for everyone to Find pages on the Ladder that are NEW to them and Give them a LIKE.. This helps everyone who join Gain New fans, and build their Facebook Fan Base.. 

On Like Ladder’s It is very important for everyone that joins to always Play Fair, Meaning Always Like NEW PAGES. The Reason its called a Ladder you may ask, fans tend to scroll from The Top to the bottom or the Bottom to the Top of the comments to find pages to Like.
Another Post That we do is called “Open Wall”. This is kind of like a “LIKE LADDER”. You still Tag your page in comments, but on “Open Wall’s “ You can pick and choose who you would like to LIKE, and this is a great Opportunity to Advertise a Brief Description about your business. With “ Open Wall” Posts, You can also TAG Your Website URL, ETSY URL, anything link you would like our FANS to see.
“Shout Outs” is Another Fun Thing we do several Times A week. We Give our Customers a Full Feature “Shout Outs” so all Our Facebook Fans can see what their business is about individually. This is a great opportunity to show off the product that the business is advertising, an event , Sale, or Maybe a Contest they have going on at that time.. Now If you already have participated on a Like Ladder or Open Wall before, you may have ran into a problem with your page being hidden. Well here is a little trick for you to use if that happens.
Write a word such as “Hi” in the comments and press enter. A small pencil will appear in the top right of that particular comment, when you hover over it with the mouse courser it will show an option for Edit. Do this and paste your page into the ladder using the @(your Page Name) Then click enter.
Now for the FANS who are Pro’s at “Like Ladders”. Have you got to that point where you can’t like anymore pages cause you are at your MAX of Likes per Facebook ? There is a way to work around this, if you would like help with this please MSG our Facebook Page at So on a end note; I hope this was helpful to you all.. If you ever have any questions, please contact us and Join Some Like Ladder’s or Open Walls.

By Dominique Thoma Owner of a Promote My Business

  • Facebook Interest Lists
This is one of Facebook's newest features that you may not have used yet but I can promise you will become one of your favorites once you get it figured out. There is so much you can do with it and I'm going to share a link with you so that you can make these lists pay.

A Dish Of Daily Life - This blogger has it figured out and explain how to get this link to help you and so many others.

  • Group
Make a group page for your business. You will be seen more this way. Make it a VIP group and really get people asking to join. Every time you post people in your group will see unless they mark it that they don't want notifications. As long as you aren't posting all the time you wont have may do this too you.

  • Events
Invite everyone to every event you have. It gives you exposure to your friends and even if they don't join they can see what it's about. Make it an open event and ask friends to invite friends and you could get even more exposure. It's all about being seen by as many people as possible right.

  • Posts
Ok let's avoid impersonal posts. Grab interest by making people feel good. Post images. Have this or that posts. To get people commenting on your posts on your page. The more people comment on your posts the higher you Facebook rating. The more people will see you. Keep it about your customers and wanting to know what they like and don't like.

  • Cover Images and Profile Pictures
Don't ever leave these empty. To have no images does not give off the impression that you want. Get images that represents your company. Have a nice picture of yourself if you would like. Nice does not mean a fuzzy picture. Make sure to post clear images. People react to these better and are more likely to click on a link if it looks like you put effort into it.

If you have anything to add that might help be sure to tell us about it in the comments.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

7 Steps to Organizing Your Office

Step 1 Let's start by clearing a space, it doesn't matter at this point if you are making a bigger pile or even putting everything on the floor. You need a space to work.
Step 2 You are going to use containers for small items such as pens, pencils, scissors, and other things. Mark the containers if you can't see inside of them. You need things to be easy to find.

Step 3 Now used your cleared space to organize the paper mess one item at a time. It's time to make decisions. What is important? What might be important? What is just extra or trash?   It might help to mark your piles to start.

 Now that you have your piles. They may look bad but now you may have gotten rid of quite a bit or know what you have in that pile. You have an idea of what you need to work on.

 As you can see I had a lot of things that just needed to be thrown away. I have about half as much to work through then I did when I started. I also found that most of what I was going through was kid stuff. Such as school work, pictures, art and report cards.

Step 4 Now that I know what is needing to be broke down next is for my children. I am going to sort through it all and match the projects that I'm going to keep to the child. Yes, I'm going to look through it all again. Decided if it is really something that I'd like to keep for the kids for them to look back on when they grow up. They don't need everything they ever did. It's okay to throw away. I'm giving you permission. Be picky about what you keep because space is limited. Your child does not need a closet full of school papers to look back on their school years. A tote full when they graduate is more then plenty.

 In this case I'm putting the kids pictures in their piles and keeping the ones with multiple kids into a separate folder. 

Step 5 Since this is a constant thing that will be added to I'm using a basket with plenty of room for more. When I come across other items that I want to keep I can file them according the the child right away. So that I wont end up with a huge mess again. This can work for tax papers, photos, and other things that helps to be separated out but you are constantly added to.

 Step 6  Continue on to other parts of the mess and sort as you did the first. Breaking it down. Example. The part of the mess that was mine. I found that much of it was kept in binders or folders. So I picked a large cube basket to use. I did have a small pile that did need to be broke down. I separated them in to groups. It was blog, photos, and tax papers. Then I put them into the envelope, binder or folder that would work best for each. Labeled them so that I could find them easily. Put them away and shut the lid.

 I still have too much but I've accumulated unused school supplies to hold on to until the new school year begins. Hopefully when the year begins my office can feel less cluttered still. Until then I'll be thankful that I have the space to put everything. I'll be happy to be able to find what I need when I need it.
Step 7 Clean off the desk, sweep the floor. 

Now I have a cleaner and calmer space. 
You can too. 
Small steps will get you to your goal.
 Go For It!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Calling All Direct Marketing Representatives

Just As I Am-Dee is taking the direct approach. I'm going to offer a page just for those wanting to find direct marketing representatives to shop through or to join. The goal is to be the number one place to help others find the career that they've always dreamed of. I've found that direct sales is a favorable way to earn an income. So my Direct Sales List  page needs as many companies on it as possible.

Everyone deserves to be able to make an informed decision on a future career. I'm asking that those of you in the direct sales industry take into consideration this chance to be listed. I'll only need one representative per company. It's on a first come first serve basis. The list lineup will only change if the link is no longer valid then that company image will be deleted and all others will move up the list. When I find a replacement sales rep for that company they will then be at the bottom of the list as a new company would be. I don't play favorites. Only valid direct sales companies can be on this list.

In return I ask that you share the page or a blog post you like. This will end up helping all of us. The more people we connect with in sharing the more we are seen by people searching for us. So share all over. Share on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and any other social network your on.

One of my shares could help you and one of yours could help someone else. I love the ripple effect. We could make a difference in someones life with this as well. Check with me and see if you can be involved. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Free Time? Help A Friend

We all end up with a few hours where we are just sitting in our favorite spot either in our living room or out in our yard. Sometimes we have a whole day of just chilling out. What if we could use this day to help a friend pay a bill, dress a their child, save for their retirement, or send them on a vacation that they could never take otherwise? Sounds far fetched? It's not.

If you have a friend in direct sales that is exactly what you are giving your friend when you invite them into your home for a couple hours with your other friends. You might see all these repeat direct reps out there well each one is doing it with the hope to make it work, to accomplish their goal. Many quit too early because they weren't encouraged, weren't supported or weren't trained properly to make it work. But they had that spark of hope in the beginning. They had the hope of providing for their family, for helping family and friends, of earning a vacation that they would never be able to take without the help of this company.

The company's are usually very generous to their reps. But they can't get the parties for the reps. No that is something reps have to search high and low for, have to encourage people all the time for. It's an amazing amount of effort to be on top of every possible yes or maybe later.

These reps always have wonderful gifts for hosts of shows for them. Free, half priced or gifts. I could put this post in my free page because of all the direct sales companies that will give you free for hitting a certain amount in sale you can get things for free.

But really do you need to be rewarded to help a friend? Do you need rewarded to invite friends over for a nice evening of shopping and visiting?

What is it that keeps you from holding parties?

Time- Do you have time to be on the computer? Do you have time to watch TV? Do you have time to sit on the porch and chill? We all have a bit of extra time. To use that bit of time during your day for your friend and see people that you like to have over. Would it be worth it for you to miss that time during one day?

Afraid- we all are afraid no one will come. If you have three people that love to hang out with you make sure that they are free that day. You can get outside orders from everyone else and you will have your three go to friends to enjoy your evening with and the possibility of anyone else you invited showing up. Make sure that you do a reminder call to everyone. You would be surprised how many would love to hang out for an evening. Stay excited about your party, your excitement will be contagious and get your friends to come. Smile those fears away.

Room- You know what there is always a solution. If your friend wants this party she will help find a solution to that problem. Holding it somewhere else, bringing less product or asking another friend to be a co-host and use their home. Don't consider it a problem. Remember if your friend is serious this their business and they will help make it happen.

Money- Talk to your friend. Every company is a little different when it comes to hosts. Let your friend know and see if you can work  out the issue. Don't give up.

Don't Like the Product- Most direct sales companies have really great products but on the off chance that the product isn't for you. You could see if you can hold a charity event with your friend through their company and promote it to your friends that like those kinds of things. Don't tell anyone that you don't like the products. Do it for the charity and your friend.

I have many many friends that sell direct sales products and most have not asked if I would host a show so you may never be asked to hold a party. But what kind of gift would it be if you were to come to them and ask?

Monday, June 2, 2014

Make Dry Mix Food Special For Family and Friends

For those that don't know me I Don't Cook and I Don't Bake. In my world if it takes more then one dish to make, I want nothing to do with it. I hate doing dishes so I avoid making them dirty. Now that you know me a little better. I'll explain why I'm doing a food post.

We have those days that family or friends want to meet up. What are you usually asked to bring? That's right Food! If your anything like me. You feel bad if you don't contribute. So what are you going to do?

I always offer to make a dessert. For one very important reason. You can buy mixes. Cheap I know but bare with me fellow nonbakers. You can buy a mix and still make a delicious and unique dessert very simply.

Here are a few hits I've had with mixes.

Instant Pudding mix- Now with this I'll give you a few examples of what I've done with it.

Option 1 -
Gram Cracker Pie Shell.
Whip Cream
Your Choice of Instant Pudding Mix

 Mix up the pudding with the pie instructions on the box. Then put your mixture in the pie shell and stick it in the refrigerator to firm. After about 10 to 15 minutes use an ice cream scoop to put the whip cream on top. Quick, yummy dessert. (If you go with Butterscotch buy Nilla wafers to crunch and put over the top it's my families favorite)

Option 2-
Chocolate Crumble pie shell crust
Chocolate pudding instant mix
Chocolate Chips or Mint Chocolate Chips (use sparingly, can be strong)
Whip Cream
Chocolate Syrup

Make up your pudding according to the pie instructions. Add your Chocolate Chips Stir. Pour into crust then put into refrigerator to firm. When ready to eat put your whip cream on top then pour some chocolate syrup on top like the Top Chefs do on TV.

Option 3

Gram Cracker pie shell
Banana or Vanilla Instant pudding
Whip Cream (yes I like the whip cream, it makes the dessert look complete and tastes good)
Nilla Wafers- crushed

Slice the banana layer the bottom of your crust with the slices. Make you pudding according to the pie instructions. Pour your pudding on top if the bananas. Put in refrigerator to firm. When your ready to eat put your whip cream on the sprinkle the Nilla wafers on top. Enjoy

Muffin Mix- Most packages only make 6 so make sure to read your package just to be sure you are getting the amount you want.

With muffins it's a bit easier to make them seem special. Just make it look like you went the extra mile.

Apple muffins I add caramel on top. Blueberry add icing. Banana nut put some ice cream and crushed nuts on top.

The possibilities are endless. Just think of things that taste good with the main ingredient in your mix and find a way to add it. These mixes are only a few dollars each you can afford to experiment to find what works and looks pretty on a plate. You can do this. Your kids can learn to do this. It doesn't take a recipe to make any of these and only you have to know that it was this easy.


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