Saturday, June 14, 2014

7 Steps to Organizing Your Office

Step 1 Let's start by clearing a space, it doesn't matter at this point if you are making a bigger pile or even putting everything on the floor. You need a space to work.
Step 2 You are going to use containers for small items such as pens, pencils, scissors, and other things. Mark the containers if you can't see inside of them. You need things to be easy to find.

Step 3 Now used your cleared space to organize the paper mess one item at a time. It's time to make decisions. What is important? What might be important? What is just extra or trash?   It might help to mark your piles to start.

 Now that you have your piles. They may look bad but now you may have gotten rid of quite a bit or know what you have in that pile. You have an idea of what you need to work on.

 As you can see I had a lot of things that just needed to be thrown away. I have about half as much to work through then I did when I started. I also found that most of what I was going through was kid stuff. Such as school work, pictures, art and report cards.

Step 4 Now that I know what is needing to be broke down next is for my children. I am going to sort through it all and match the projects that I'm going to keep to the child. Yes, I'm going to look through it all again. Decided if it is really something that I'd like to keep for the kids for them to look back on when they grow up. They don't need everything they ever did. It's okay to throw away. I'm giving you permission. Be picky about what you keep because space is limited. Your child does not need a closet full of school papers to look back on their school years. A tote full when they graduate is more then plenty.

 In this case I'm putting the kids pictures in their piles and keeping the ones with multiple kids into a separate folder. 

Step 5 Since this is a constant thing that will be added to I'm using a basket with plenty of room for more. When I come across other items that I want to keep I can file them according the the child right away. So that I wont end up with a huge mess again. This can work for tax papers, photos, and other things that helps to be separated out but you are constantly added to.

 Step 6  Continue on to other parts of the mess and sort as you did the first. Breaking it down. Example. The part of the mess that was mine. I found that much of it was kept in binders or folders. So I picked a large cube basket to use. I did have a small pile that did need to be broke down. I separated them in to groups. It was blog, photos, and tax papers. Then I put them into the envelope, binder or folder that would work best for each. Labeled them so that I could find them easily. Put them away and shut the lid.

 I still have too much but I've accumulated unused school supplies to hold on to until the new school year begins. Hopefully when the year begins my office can feel less cluttered still. Until then I'll be thankful that I have the space to put everything. I'll be happy to be able to find what I need when I need it.
Step 7 Clean off the desk, sweep the floor. 

Now I have a cleaner and calmer space. 
You can too. 
Small steps will get you to your goal.
 Go For It!

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