Friday, June 6, 2014

Free Time? Help A Friend

We all end up with a few hours where we are just sitting in our favorite spot either in our living room or out in our yard. Sometimes we have a whole day of just chilling out. What if we could use this day to help a friend pay a bill, dress a their child, save for their retirement, or send them on a vacation that they could never take otherwise? Sounds far fetched? It's not.

If you have a friend in direct sales that is exactly what you are giving your friend when you invite them into your home for a couple hours with your other friends. You might see all these repeat direct reps out there well each one is doing it with the hope to make it work, to accomplish their goal. Many quit too early because they weren't encouraged, weren't supported or weren't trained properly to make it work. But they had that spark of hope in the beginning. They had the hope of providing for their family, for helping family and friends, of earning a vacation that they would never be able to take without the help of this company.

The company's are usually very generous to their reps. But they can't get the parties for the reps. No that is something reps have to search high and low for, have to encourage people all the time for. It's an amazing amount of effort to be on top of every possible yes or maybe later.

These reps always have wonderful gifts for hosts of shows for them. Free, half priced or gifts. I could put this post in my free page because of all the direct sales companies that will give you free for hitting a certain amount in sale you can get things for free.

But really do you need to be rewarded to help a friend? Do you need rewarded to invite friends over for a nice evening of shopping and visiting?

What is it that keeps you from holding parties?

Time- Do you have time to be on the computer? Do you have time to watch TV? Do you have time to sit on the porch and chill? We all have a bit of extra time. To use that bit of time during your day for your friend and see people that you like to have over. Would it be worth it for you to miss that time during one day?

Afraid- we all are afraid no one will come. If you have three people that love to hang out with you make sure that they are free that day. You can get outside orders from everyone else and you will have your three go to friends to enjoy your evening with and the possibility of anyone else you invited showing up. Make sure that you do a reminder call to everyone. You would be surprised how many would love to hang out for an evening. Stay excited about your party, your excitement will be contagious and get your friends to come. Smile those fears away.

Room- You know what there is always a solution. If your friend wants this party she will help find a solution to that problem. Holding it somewhere else, bringing less product or asking another friend to be a co-host and use their home. Don't consider it a problem. Remember if your friend is serious this their business and they will help make it happen.

Money- Talk to your friend. Every company is a little different when it comes to hosts. Let your friend know and see if you can work  out the issue. Don't give up.

Don't Like the Product- Most direct sales companies have really great products but on the off chance that the product isn't for you. You could see if you can hold a charity event with your friend through their company and promote it to your friends that like those kinds of things. Don't tell anyone that you don't like the products. Do it for the charity and your friend.

I have many many friends that sell direct sales products and most have not asked if I would host a show so you may never be asked to hold a party. But what kind of gift would it be if you were to come to them and ask?
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