Wednesday, July 2, 2014

DIY Barbie Couches

Before I go into telling you how I made our Barbie furniture I'd like to share with you why I'm doing this to begin with. The previous owners of our house left this home made doll house behind. My daughter is nine and has never been interested in playing with dolls. But when she saw that house she had plans. DIY Channel plans. She was going to decorate this house. One problem. We have no Barbies, no Barbie furniture or anything for her to use. So mom put on her crafty thinking hat and some Pinterest for some ideas. Oh and a shopping trip to pick up some barbies. My guess is that you have the Barbies and just need some furniture so fortunately you wont have that expense.

First things first. Figuring out my daughters style. So we started pinning her favorite finds on Pinterest which you can see HERE.

Then we searched through items that were about to go out the door to Good Will or to recycle. Went around the house collecting boxes and things that could be used for different Barbie house items.

Here we go.

Barbie Couch 

I've cheated and used something most people wont find in their house but I did find an alternative for you to use in this case. You can go to  kidskubby for instructions on how to make a form from a box.

This is what I used without the car.

Here's How.

Barbie Chair

Potted Plant

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