Thursday, August 21, 2014

Back Seat to Kid Furniture

 I've been admiring the little kid furniture. I really wish it was a need so that I could justify getting one for my toddler. As my daughter is able to climb onto the couch it's just not a need at this time. But every time I see them I stop and look and wish for a little sitting area for my kids. Even if I were to try to pick one though I'd have some things to think over. Size. It would need to be big enough for more then one child. Sturdy? It can't be flimsy because I know that my daughter would want one of her older siblings to sit with her. So it would need to hold the weight of 7 to 11year olds as well. I'd like it to be comfortable or there would be no way she would sit on it and we would be back to square one. I wouldn't want an obnoxious color because her play area is in our living room. It needs to be something I can stand to see all the time. Seems like a large order.. An expensive order! I looked into the seats and I couldn't find one that would be right that wasn't over $100! No way am I paying that much for something that she will grow out of so quickly besides I don't have that to spend anyway.

As I was getting ready for my sons birthday party earlier this month I came across our Jeeps back seat. To save money on fuel we decided to lighten the load in my husbands vehicle and took it out. I kept looking at it in the back of the garage while I was decorating. At the time it hadn't hit me but my eyes kept drifting to it like there was something I need to do with that. Anyone else ever have one of those moments?

Then last night I was thinking about it again. The height is exactly the right size for my daughter. And big enough for one or two of the big kids to join her on it. So I asked my husband to bring it into the living room. I just wanted a good look at the size of it in the room. He of course thought I was off my rocker but brought it in anyway. I put the floor protectors for chairs under it so it wouldn't scratch the floor. We set it in the spot I wanted a little chair in. It fit perfectly.

 We vacuumed  the seat but it had some stains on it. So instead of spending a lot of time on this project I grabbed a sheet from the closet that looked good with the rest of the furniture and put that on it. I may pick up clips or the sheet holders to keep it from sliding off. Threw on a couple of throw pillows. So that now it just looks like a mini couch. I pulled out my black trunk and she now has a table as well.  And as you can see from above my daughter liked it. (She liked that with it she could look out the window or see the cats snoozing up in the window.) But later she did sit in it with one of her brothers and her sister. They all cuddled together on it. Warmed my heart.

 It ended up being just what my living room needed. And helps with seating when company comes over because my big kids can sit on it or on the black trunk. Sometimes I'm amazed how well simple items can pull an area together. 

You know it may seem cheap or cheesy to use an old back seat from a vehicle in your home. Maybe it is. In my eyes if you can make a dream come true or make life easier with what you already have. Do It!
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