Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Treehouse For Fairy or Leprechaun

 I got my first taste of miniature from my moms collection of miniature furniture that she kept behind glass in our dinning room. I'd admire them and wish to take them out and play with them all the time. Or just to touch them and admire their tinyness.

Now there is this fad of fairy gardens. With tiny plants, swings, benches and other outdoor things that a small gardener would need.

I thought to start one in my yard because I loved to rustic look of some of the images that I'd come across online. Such as the one at The Juise.  I even considered having the kids help as she did. Then I remembered that I have a knack for killing plants.

I thought well I could see about on in a small pot such as the ones at The Garden Glove.  But once again plants. It's the little plants that make them pop! What is a black thumbed gal to do?

Then as I looked at all the pretty fairy garden things I found this
 on Etsy sold by Casualee.

For me this gave me hope. I didn't need to have little plants to have a bit of whimsy fairy stuff in my yard. So off I went out into the yard to look at my trees. And behold the tree right by my front door was calling for a little something.

Instead of making a door I chose to get out some paints and paint one on. I used enamel because that is just what I had on hand to use. We will see how it holds up to the weather. I was happy with the results.  Then my husband caught wind of what I was up to and did something very fun. He made a corn cob mail box for our little home. With a moving flag! I painted the flag red and it was good to go. I wasn't going to stop there. We needed windows. So I asked my husband to cut up some blocks of wood for me to paint some windows. Then we screwed them to the tree. Don't worry we aren't damaging a good tree. This poor tree is already dying. I decided it's last years can be of the magical kind. We had also staked up some of those solar powered lights and one just looks so good right beside the door and at night with my porch light and those on we can still enjoy our tree house.

My kids are older and not to into this sort of thing but they were kind enough to play along. So when I asked what was moving into our tree. My daughter told me it was a Leprechaun. When I asked for a name they told me it's Louie. I was thinking it would be a fairy but seems we have a richer neighbor then that. So I made up a story that the yellow in the windows is the glow of his gold. 

For now I like how our special tree house has turned out. But if I feel like adding things there is still room. You never know.

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