Sunday, October 12, 2014

Watch The Walking Dead for Less

As usual as the end of the year approaches and we are extremely tight on cash. Taking a look at our bills to see what we can cut out or cut back on. First thing on the list that strikes me is our Direct TV bill. It is about $75 a month for the package we are on right now. We don't really watch that much television.

I talked to my husband about canceling it completely and look into streaming or some kind of online TV programs. He told me absolutely not. AMC's The Walking Dead has a new season coming on. I told him we could get it online and I'll just buy him the series on DVD. Nope not gonna happen. He wants to see it, when it is first on. Alrighty Then.

How can I deny that sweet face? ;)

So I check the Direct TV site for any cheaper channel groupings with AMC. NONE!! So here I am at a stand still.

There is a Aunt of mine that is very outspoken that came to mind. Several times she'd told all of us that she'd called her cable company to demand better deals. And got them. Well, I don't like that method. There is something wrong about being rude to the company that provides you with a service that you enjoy.

There is something to that idea though. Companies do like to keep loyal customers. Thinking about it most companies have some kind of reward system for their loyal customers. My husband has had this account since 1998. He might just be deserving.

I take a look at their website and see bargains for new customers and that you can refer a friend for discounts. Everyone I know has their TV provider figured out so that doesn't help.

Time to put my own spin on my Aunt's method of getting a deal. Collected all our information that they would need to find our account. I gave them a call. Asked them kindly if there was anything that they do for loyal costumers. The lady at the other end of the line takes a look at our account  "OH, you have been with us for a while. I think we might be able to do something. Let me connect you to someone that can help."

Right away I was connected with another representative. I requested the same thing. Right away she looked at our account and offered $20 off our monthly bill for the next 24 months! I was leery, if they changed our plan my husband would go zombie on my ass.  So I asked and she said it would be the same plan. I was thrilled of course. I couldn't believe it was that simple.

Result my husband gets to watch The Walking Dead in peace. AKA I'm not nagging him about the TV bill.

Biggest part is that it will be saving us $240 per year for the next 2 years.  Now I am skipping off to look into some other bills.


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