Saturday, June 20, 2015

Make My Twitter Numbers Jump

Ever wonder how quick start businesses are getting twitter followers overnight or have such large amounts of followers? What is the draw?

I'll let you in on a little secret I've uncovered. There is no special draw to follow them any more then the next fast rising company. They have just learned how to attract your attention with numbers and keep it.

What they do is go to different sources and get the numbers they need to make them look popular and then like sheep we follow. We are curious and add ourselves to that number to find out what all the to do is about. If we aren't engaged how many of us unfollow? I'm guessing not many unless the posts are completely annoying.

How do they get the big numbers to begin with? Here is two ways that I have come across that seem to be very effective. In fact, I started my own investigation of the first myself.

Twiends- Twiends is a place that you can go if you want to be followed. Generally it's a follow for a follow method. Not everyone will follow you back but those that are active most likely will. So start clicking.

My experience with Twiends so far.  I signed up and started clicking follow. Then refreshed the page and did it again. Not all day but I did quite a bit here and there throughout the day. When I started I had 29 followers and tonight as of right now I have 216 followers. At the moment I have 1,164 accounts that I am personally following. I think I started at about 100. So as you can see the jump is amazing and it took very little time or effort to get this rise in numbers.

Keep in mind that your new followers may only stick around a short time. They may not even be those that you want to target at all and may not help you in the way of getting views... yet. This is getting your numbers up and getting you seen and with fingers crossed the right people will see you.

Fiverr- Now I'm sure many of you are familiar with this site. If you aren't let me explain this is where you can buy/sell a service or item for $5. Just type in the Fiverr search box "twitter followers" and you will get a list of  800+ options. All you would need to know is who is your target audience so that you can keep the new followers around.

There are other sites out there that you can also buy twitter accounts full of followers, or buy followers from, get your link posted for you by someone that has many followers.  Some other sites that sell are sketchy. Use your gut instinct, if you don't feel like they are trustworthy, they probably aren't and get the heck out of there.

Now if you don't believe that it's the numbers that attract you how often do you look at a link and your eye goes directly to the number showing of those that are following that person or company? Probably more often then you realize. How often has it become a deciding factor if you push the follow/ like or whatever button? As you go about your average online day keep track of how you react to the numbers that are presented to you. Are you more likely to click on those with larger numbers?

 Now to go back to how is this going to help you. The idea is that you will put in a bit of time or a bit of money to get people to see your product even if it is for just a second. Either by posting it after they follow you or by messaging them a greeting with a link. I've already seen many examples of message form. I'd say this is most effective as it singles out the person and the link is a curiosity. What are they promoting? What is on the Facebook page they ask me to like? I know that most are automated messages but still what are they offering and do you need it?  This is my own thought on these messages.

So in closing numbers matter and just because this is a cheating way of getting followers doesn't mean that you wont find your best followers among them. Take the opportunity to follow them back and expand your horizons. You might even learn something new.

If you are one of my new Twiends friends thank you for following and I hope that you find some of my posts helpful.

Good luck out there Tweeters

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