Friday, June 19, 2015

On YouTube to Earn Extra Money

Recently I made a couple short videos of me making wood burned boxes. I actually had a few people enjoy the video's I made, so I added them to YouTube. Thinking in my mind hey, why not?

Then I got to thinking about a few people that I have come across that actually use You Tube as a source for extra income. Personally being seen or heard on video isn't my cup of tea but if my experience getting the hook up on You Tube helps someone else out, I'm all for it. So here goes. Get out your camera or iphone or android. Make a video, it really could be anything. I suggest choosing carefully. Do something that you can expand on and grow an audience with. DIY, Entertainment, Reviews or even your business highlights. Make it into something entertaining, informative or/ well interesting. Take your time and do it right. You will be happy you did.

Also don't forget to get links or mentions of anything that may help you earn more in some related way into your video. Such as your web page or affiliate links.

 YouTube Beginners

Just a hint I edited this video with the Video Show app on android that helped quite a bit. 

If you don't have a You Tube account make one.

Once you have an account go to the button at the top Upload. Click on this to upload your video. You Tube also has editing available I suggest that you take the time to really get the hang of all they have to offer for your video once it's loaded. Keep in mind as this is your first video, it is a trial run anyway.

Keep in mind that if you use music that there is sometimes a conflict if you don't have permission or credit the musicians. There are however sites that have music you can upload and copy their info for credit purposes.

Once you have that in order and are done with your editing you can push the upload button.While uploading you will have a screen that offers you the opportunity to add specifics such as what is listed below.

Your Title should be something obvious so that you get the audience you want.

You will also see a spot to add a Description. Why would someone want to watch your video? What will they get out of it?  If you have to take out a pad of paper for these and write out different options until you find one you believe will pull in your audience.

Tag and tag some more. Any words that are associated with your video that you can. This is how you get seen folks learn to pull words out of thin are about your subject.

These are the main things to take care of. Now to explore some of the other items on your You Tube account.


Click My Channel

Click Video Manager

Click Channel

This is where you are going to decide how much or how little you are going to put into your video venture.

In Status and Features  you want to be in good standing with guidelines and copyright or YouTube wont let you do any earning.

If you are in good standing, it is very easy from here go down the list they show.

Monetization is what you are looking for to get ads on your videos. The ads that if watchers click on you get paid for.

As you go through the instructions they give you read them and understand them. Do what you feel is best for your type of video.

Now I suggest you go down the rest of the list under Channel. Each link under it gives a new option that may just be what will help you get your video be seen.

Now what do I do?

From here I will give you some options that may help get the views started.

*Get your video's link and share it on all the social media sites you know of and ask your friends to watch and share.

*Go to forums on the subject and introduce your video link to those that my be interested.

*Post your video on your websites or blogs.

*Look for other blogs and ask if they would possibly post or even review your video on their blog.

Those are a few ideas, if you happen to have more of your own please feel free to leave suggestions in the comments.
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