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Earn Rewards From These 14

Here it is, complete honesty, from me to you. All bloggers have this list. Each may have a slightly different list but they remain basically the same. Mine is shorter then it could be. I don't list the survey sites, gaming or gambling sites. Part of my list has not been checked yet for the pay off as I haven't been with them long. I give you those as well for you to decide if it is for you. I also want you to know, the links are so that we as bloggers get credit for the referral. I'm going to thank you all in advance that do click and join under my links. Which are the highlighted names that will take you to a new tab. I also pray that this list in some way help someone that reads this. Good luck to you all as you find your rewards.

Swagbucks-  App, web site and tool bar

How To Earn? This one gives you many ways to earn points. Watching movies, Surveys, Collecting Codes, Shopping, Discover new webpages, Play games, Tasks, referring others and looking at offers.

Payment? You are paid with gift cards They have a wide variety to chose from.

Have I earned? Yes, I have. I opted to earn the Walmart gift cards. So far I have earned $10 worth. If I was more dedicated I know that I could have earned much more.

Tips- I highly suggest getting the app for your phone and the task bar for searches. I also suggest that you are very careful what you are signing up for. There are some offers that after a period of time if you don't opt out they will bill you through the information you give them. I usually avoid anything asking for more then an email.

BingApp and web browser

How to Earn? Bing is an ordinary search engine. You don't have to download anything. You just make an account and search as usual. They also provide questions to answer for more points. 

Payment? Bing has a list of gift cards that you can earn with your points.

Have I earned? Yes. I have earned an Amazon gift card for $5 and splurged on some craft supplies.

Tips- Get the app for your phone for extra earning potential.

Walmart Savings Catcher- App
 I'm throwing this one in here because it is an earner, if you shop at Walmart. There is no referrer code for it so just go to your app store and load it to your phone.
How to Earn? Scan your Walmart receipts.

Payment? Walmart gift cards

Have I earned? YES! I've had this on my phone for almost 2 years and my total reward dollars are at $58.00. In the beginning I was earning a lot but as this year has been tight I've been a better shopper and getting the better deals without the help of the Walmart Savings Catcher. But I still do much of my shopping at Walmart and any little bit helps.

 Tips- This is also a great app if you use their pharmacy as you can do your refills with it and covers most anything else that Walmart can help you with.

Slidejoy - App

How to Earn? Add this app to your phone and use as a phone lock that promotes things or information you may be interested in.

Payment? Paypal or gift card when you've earned enough points. Points you earn every time you slide open your phone. There is a waiting period before your points are available to use. Right now you have to wait until the next month to redeem your points.

Have I earned? Yes, I have. So far I've had $5 sent to my Paypal account. 

Recycle Bank-web site

How to Earn? Here you learn about recycling and get points for it.

Payment? At one time you could get gift cards for Walmart and Amazon. Now they have changed it to getting gift cards for their One Twine shop or discounts at other stores or free magazine subscriptions.

Have I earned? I have earned the gift card and magazine subscriptions.

Here are a few more which I have not yet had earnings from but I have heard work. I am at this time giving these a try. So at a later date I will hopefully have confirmations of my own to post about each.

Shopmium- App

How to Earn? This phone app is for receiving rebates on products that you buy. They have a list of items that you can get a rebate on if you scan the product. If you do this one please enter my referral code KGCEKMCX to receive your Free Lindt Chocolate bar and $2 Shopmium credit to use after your first rebate is accepted

Receipt Hog-  App

How to Earn? This app you take photos with the app of your receipts to earn coins. 
Payment? Paypal or Amazon gift cards.

Tip- Do not click the connect to Facebook  or Email button. 

Shopkick - App
How to Earn? Well they say you can walk into a store and get kicks for it. Hasn't happened for me yet. You are also able to scan specific products in some stores for more kicks. You can also get kicks for purchases.
Payment? The have a large selection of gift cards to chose from.

Ibotta-  App
My referrer code for Ibotta is buqrogh if you want to help a girl out. 

How to Earn? This one offers coupon like deals on different products. You can put your grocery list on this one and it will bring up deals on those that you entered that has an offer. Then you click on the offer you want to open it. Go shopping buy that item when you get home you scan the items that you opened and take a picture of the receipt.

 Payment? Paypal, Venmo or Gift Cards

Shrink- App
Referal code if you'd help me out is XQRBHS

How to Earn? Another rebates site but this time it's for health foods. Find your store and item. Unlock the item. Go shopping buy the item then when you get home scan the bar code and snap the receipt. They will approve it within 48 hours. 

Payment? Paypal or Venmo

Slicethepie- Web site

How to Earn? If you like to listen to music and can make a nice long review about the song that was playing. This maybe the best earner for you because that is all you do.
Payment? Paypal


How to Earn? Checkpoints has videos, apps to try and featured rewards to earn points from.

 Payment? Pays in Gift Card
 If you put in my referral code areinir92 it will give you extra points to start out.

Foap-  App

How to Earn? Load photos to sell, rate other peoples photos and enter contests for money. Your pictures are listed for $5 a download for anyone to buy. 

Payment? Paypal

Smart PanelApp

How to Earn? Install it onto your devices and leave it there in the back round. They will pay you at this time $10 after 2 weeks of having it installed and $5 a month after that.

Payment? Cash or Amazon gift cards

EDIT 1/12/2016 -  One More Reward Site

Ebates- Site, App, Cash back button

How to Earn? Invite friends, shop and get rebate, use coupon codes (these can be used without being a  member)

Payment? Check or Paypal

This is a warning I'm going to give you to use for any application or web site you go to. Enter your email or Facebook or Twitter accounts by, typing the address yourself, into another tab or through that particular sites app. This should be enough to log into any other site or app with a push of a button. Never put in your email and password from the link they provide. For example... I am logged into my Facebook app on my phone. When I want to share or refer a friend from another app such as Pintrest. Pintrest will not ask me for my Facebook email or password because I'm already logged onto Facebook. Now if Pintrest had opened a facebook log in window I would exit out of it and make sure that my Facebook account was logged in from another window or the Facebook app. If you do enter your password into a  provided link from another site you are taking a chance of being hacked. Not all apps or web sites are trust worthy. Not even the ones I provide. Take precautions at all times.

Wanting only the best for you, 

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