It's in all of us to be charitable. It's just finding a way to be giving when you have very little to give. Here a few ways that may help in this respect.

Always try to start local

Many times the schools have a list of things they need and some will accept used items. Look on their school web page or call for information.

Get money for your school without spending extra

Labels For Education- Collect The Labels for Education off of items that you buy everyday. I provided the link so you can look up the brands that have these labels on them. Because if you aren't looking for them it's easy to over look them.

Box Tops For Education - This one is a pretty popular one. You may not know however that they have a site that you can join. They let you track your school earnings for you, give you coupons, they have special offers, recipes, and have links to 400 retailers that will give you E-Box Tops for shopping through the links provided. The link I'm providing goes directly to the list of brands you buy at the store that have Box Tops on them.

St Jude Recycled Card Program- This is a program for the St Judes Ranch that helps abused and at risk children, young adults and families. Send in old cards that fit what they are looking for and they will replace the back part of the cards you send to resell.

Food Pantry- Donating to food pantries are a great way to help out your community. Giving canned goods or even your time. Click on the purple and it will take you to a site that may lead you to the pantry in your area.

Donate Blood- This may make many squeamish but blood donations are a great way to help. You can learn more about it at

Freekibble- I did some looking into this one because I just wasn't sure about how legit it was. Well as far as I can see it is what it says. Go the site they will have a daily trivia question for you to answer. If you click to answer it they will donate 10 pieces of Dog kibble to shelters. They also have a cat trivia which when answered they will also donate 10 pieces of Cat kibble. It doesn't matter if you get the answer right or wrong the food is still donated.

Locks of Love- Giving your hair to children that have lost theirs. I've done this and you really should read over all the instructions before deciding to do this. They have specific requirements and instructions to follow to send it in. Some salons send it in for you however not all do. So do talk it over with your stylist before getting started.
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