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 This one provide prints, shirts, phone covers, lap top covers, shower curtains, pillows, clocks, rugs and other things with my art and photographs on it. 
This one is one that provides cards, canvas and prints of a few of my art pieces and photographs
This one has different options as well of my artwork. As always I'm trying to find the best place and prices for items that I make. - This has fabrics, wallpapers and gift wrap papers.


 Lane is a small town girl that just wants to meet the one for her and live happily ever after. This is what she thought she had with Tyler. But since being with Tyler she's drifted away from friends, family and worse of all God.

Alec moved to this small Iowa town on a whim. Now he has a grumpy boss and a job he loves.

Could a dance change everything for Lane and Alec? Could involvement with Lane put Alec's job in jeopardy? Will Lane let her doubts stop her from moving forward?
 In print - Here
 For Kindle - Here

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