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Not everyone can afford to do the things that they love or even get the things they actually need. I know that because I have a family on a tight budget. As for me I have found a way to tour online and cut out a lot of confusing and irritating distractions so that you can get something for nothing.

Birthday Freebies

Reward Programs

Just As I Am- Dee on Pinterest- Follow my ideas, helpful hints, and even the occasional blast from the past on Pinterest.

Money Saving 

Price Blink- Love love love having this installed onto my computer. It only comes up when I'm shopping and it tells me where the best deal for what I'm shopping for is located as well as giving me coupon codes to use. It's already saved me money this Christmas Season.

Amazon Prime Free Trial - This trial is for new Amazon members and well worth getting signed up. The trial lasts a month so if you do sign up pick a month that you have something in particular that you need to be spending money for..examples being back to school, Christmas or a birthday. It can save you quite a bit. I also received it during my birthday month this year and was able to get something for myself on discount. If I knew I'd be shopping online often I would have stayed as an Amazon Prime member.

Watching The Weight

The Foods Yum

Ready Set Eat - gives you recipes that you can choose by food item, calories, prep time all the while showing you the deals on the ingredients that your local stores are having at this time for that recipe. Also offering coupons

For the Readers
Keeps track of the books you have read. How long it took to read them. How you rated the books. Follow along with what your friends have read and what they thought of the book.

Kindle Cloud Reader- Install Kindle free in your favorite wifi devices and read no matter where you are.

One Hundred Free Books- gives you a link to a site that shows you free ebooks from Amazon. This usually comes up three times a day. It always has a variety to choose from all you need is an kindle Amazon account. And as you can see above if you don't have a kindle you can get one for your computer or even your iphone. I have kindle on all my devices so that I can keep reading my book no matter where I am or what I am doing.


Shutterfly- offers 50 free 4x6 prints for first time users. I got 47 for $4.07 for shipping. I believe that if you get them at one of their stores you would not be paying anything.


Cross Walk Radio
Is a free christian radio stations.

Slacker Radio
Is a free radio station that lets you mark your favorite music and make your own stations. Keep in mind this one still plays it's share of advertisements.

Sites that Have tools for mom

Target - One of the best places to register for a new baby. They have a great program that will help you save as well as give you a gift bag with special offers and gifts.

Baby Center -  Sure to have something that will spark a parents interest.

For Families

Parents as Teachers- This is a free program that supports parents of infant to preschool aged children. They send someone to help you with any questions or concerns about your child. They help you identify milestones the children should be at. Identifying problems in development and help you to find ways to help your child through them. Sometimes this program also finds or makes events for parents to attend with their child. For any first time parents I highly recommend getting involved with this program.

For the Kids

Lego Magazine- Get free magazines for your kids from Lego. My kids loved this more than the ones that I've bought for them if that tells you anything.

PBS Kids- Offers educational games and activities for kids.

Story Bird- This site lets kids make their own books online, read other family friendly books. Every book is checked before allowed to be viewed by others. Kids can create a library of favorites. They can also share or print their stories.The Adventures of Fid- this is just an example book I made.

More To Come...

Feel free to post sites that you have found that I should look into.

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