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Everyone is always looking for ways to make money. I'm no exception. I have search and researched different avenues of earning money. I've tried so many different things that just haven't been me. I haven't found my passion but these may help you find yours.

Just As I am- posts of suggestions to earn money

Metal Recycling
Groups for Selling
Money You Don't Know You Are Owed

Selling Photographs Online-
Society6- gives you many items that you can put your images on.
Fine Art America- another good place that you can post your images to sell.

Direct Sales

My Direct Sales Resource Page- A list of active direct sales representatives that would be happy to answer your questions about the company's they sell for.

Direct Selling Association- They answer many questions as well as list many companies that have good ratings.

Child Care- I have worked in a child care setting as well as babysitting. There is a difference between just babysitting and having a day care. I have looked into having a day care out of my home but decided I was more of a babysitter. The difference being that a day care that is what you do professionally and there are regulations through the state that need to be met. Though on the upside there is also help through the state for day cares as well. Babysitters can be anyone to watch a child for a few hours a day. No training or facility necessary as they can come to you. Picking a babysitter is completely up to the discretion of the parent and the parent alone. To go the extra mile to become a child care provider you should do your homework. These sites may help those that want to go this route.




Artists, writers and Crafters- Some have items that they enjoy making and want to make money at it. Well here is your chance.

Etsy- This is where you can make your own online shop. They make it easy and it's less expensive then trying to open a small shop or business on your own. They even offer help in figuring out how best to photograph your items, promote and have other helpful things to offer. Just sign in or make an account and from there you will see the options to start your money making.

Story Bird-This is actually a site that allows children to adults to create family friendly stories to share. These story tellers need art for these stories. That is where artists come in. The art you create is used and if anyone wants to buy the stories you make money on your art used. Story Bird then pays you a commission on that art. You keep the copyrights and get exposure to agents that use Story Bird to find artists.

CreateSpace - Create space is a self publishing site that is quite simple and charges you nothing to use. It gives you all the tools you need to get your book published. It also gives you a direct link to publish it with Amazon as an ebook for Kindle.

Spoonflower- Spoonflower is a designing site. Where you can design and get commission on the your designs that sell. They offer your designs on fabrics, gift wrap or wall paper. They do require that you make a purchase of at least a swatch of your design before you can list it for sale on their website. You get 10% of the retail price. Free studio. No annual fees.

Video Makers

YouTube- Make videos that can earn money for you. Get Started How To

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